❝ It’s been very interesting to have this grunting, wild animal paired with this nice, young, eloquent girl who speaks her mind. ❞
—   Norman Reedus - Walking Dead Magazine Issue #9 (via jennifercarolyn)   —

“When Daryl comes back to her room and says “He’s gone,” and she says “Daryl, I don’t cry anymore,” it was special. That scene… it’s one of my favorite scenes of the episode. Because she hugs Daryl. He looks uncomfortable, and he touches her elbow. When I cut that episode together, I wanted to make sure that he looked uncomfortable. When she looks up at him with her big eyes and her sweater falls off her shoulder and she pulls her sweater back up, it’s such a beautiful connection between the two of them. I love that in the middle of her momentary grief, she looks at Daryl and says, “Are you okay?” It’s such a beautiful moment.” - Greg Nicotero

A storm of rose petals blew across a blood-streaked sky, as blue as the eyes of death.


“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”


I am in love with this version <3

- You think there is a difference between dreams and reality?
- [laughs] What happened to the small talk? “What’s your favourite band”? “Do you facebook”? Nothing like that.
- Fuck facebook. Do you?
- I don’t really think about it.
- Everybody think about it.
- Not me. Look my life is complicated enough. You should talk to my grandfather. It’s all he ever thinks about. Drove him crazy.
- It’s driving me crazy.
- No. He’s insane. Batshit nuts. Back in my sweet little hometown old man Leonard drolls in a padded cell. He will tell you there is no such things as dreams, only endless realities thats all piled on top of each other. Some people sees monsters. Other people just see people.

(Silent Hill: Revelation 3D)

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brotp? oh, yeah. okay. they’re totally a brotp. best bros. bros for life. bros MARRIED for life. bros who make out all the time. bros who confess their feelings on a summer night in a field of tall grass. it was windy and there were fireflies

One day, she promised herself as she lay abed, one day she would allow herself to be less than strong. But not today. It could not be today.


What changed your mind? ...Oh


got fancasting meme — [2/9 characters’ younger versions] — joseph morgan as jorah mormont

‘forward’ by greg harris for interview germany, june/july 2013.